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Exploring unexpected book pairings.

Catherynne M Valente

Joining me for this episode’s online chat is one of my favourite authors of weird and wonderful fiction, Catherynne M Valente.

We talk about her many fabulous books, how she came to write and then crowdfund the first book in The Fairyland series which went on to win the Nebula Award, planting Easter eggs in Space Opera, writing complicated books, the weather and her latest short story which just so happens to be a Star Wars story!

Ellie Marney

Joining me for this episode’s online chat is award-winning Young Adult crime author, Ellie Marney.

We chat about her latest book None Shall Sleep, writing crime for young adults, the question at the heart of crime fiction, sociopaths and geniuses and how difficult they are to write when they are teenagers!

Meg Brodtmann – Rob Dolan Wines

This episode I am joined by Master of Wine, Meg Brodtmann.
Meg recently joined the team at Rob Dolan Wines, a lovely Winery and Cellar Door in South Warrandyte part of Victoria’s Yarra Valley wine region.

Bram Presser

This episode I am joined by lapsed lawyer, recovering academic, semi-reformed punk rocker, and now writer and stay-at-home dad, Bram Presser.

We talk about our love of browsing bookstores, Bram’s journey to writing a novel, writing a personal history as fiction and of course, we pair some delicious things to some fabulous books.

Buck Mulligan’s

This episode I am joined by Eamonn Hennessy, owner of Buck Mulligan’s, a Specialty Irish Whiskey Bar and Bookshop in the heart of Northcote.

Eamonn joined me to share three of his favourite whiskeys and talk about his love of books and of whiskey!

Michael Earp

This episode I am joined by bookseller and writer Michael Earp.

Michael Earp is the editor of Kindred: 12 Queer #LoveOzYA Stories and contributor to Underdog: #LoveOzYA Short Stories. He has a teaching degree and a Masters in children’s literature and has worked between bookselling and publishing for over seventeen years as a children’s literature specialist. His writing has also appeared in The Victorian Writer and Aurealis.

We chat about recommending books, writing for young adults and of course, we pair some great reads with delicious things!

Jane Rawson

This episode I am joined by award-winning Australian author and environmentalist Jane Rawson.

We discuss her 2017 Aurealis best science fiction winning book From The Wreck, why a bunker is not the solution you are looking for and pair some fabulous books with delicious things!

Christine Gordon

This episode I am joined by Christine Gordon, Programming Manager of one of Melbourne’s favourite independent bookshops.

We discuss Chris’s most delicious moment working at Readings, the origin story of the Stella prize, her top tip for recommending books and of course, we pair some fabulous books with tasty treats!

Robert Gott

Joining me this episode is historical fiction writer and author of The holiday murders, Robert Gott.

We discuss book fatigue, writing an unlikeable character, the uselessness of history and Jane Austen!

Mirandi Riwoe

Joining me this episode is Mirandi Riwoe, author of Stone Sky Gold Mountain and the 2018 Stella Prize shortlisted novella, The Fish Girl.

We chat about writing beautifully about difficult things, book covers and her perfect pairings!

About Literary Elixirs

Matching books to food and drink! 

Justine is a librarian who loves good food and drink and can’t stop talking about what book she’s read which would pair perfectly with that delicious cheese, wine, coffee, beer, chocolate … you get the idea!

She is on a mission to chat with purveyors of delicious elixirs and suggest some literature which would be a perfect match because books go with pretty much anything!


Justine Hanna