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Exploring unexpected book pairings.

Beth O’Leary

Joining me for this episode’s online chat is special guest all the way from the UK and the author of one of my favourite books of 2019, Beth O’Leary!

Beth is a Sunday Times bestselling author whose debut novel the Flatshare has been translated into more than 30 languages.

She wrote The Flatshare on her train journey to and from her job at a children’s publisher and now lives in the Hampshire countryside and writes full time.

Beth’s second novel is The Switch and was released in April this year, 2020.

Kate Cuthbert

This episode I am joined by award-winning book reviewer, critic and genre-fiction advocate Kate Cuthbert.

After working for more than a decade in trade publishing, notably initiating the Escape Publishing imprint of Harlequin Australia, and serving as its Managing Editor for almost seven years, as well as working at the Australian Library and Information Association, Kate is currently the Program Manager at Writers Victoria and is also pursuing a PhD examining rural settings in Australian popular fiction.

Karen Turner

Joining me this episode for an online chat is Australian author Karen Turner!

Karen is the author of three novels, Torn (2013), Inviolate (2014) and most recently in 2019, Stormbird. 
Prior to this, Karen published an eclectic compilation of short stories, All That and Everything, many of which have won literary awards, including the Society of Women Writers Vic Biennial Literary Award, and the Free XpressSion Literary Competition.

Toni Jordan

Joining me for this episode’s online chat is one of my favourite Australian authors, Toni Jordan.

Toni is the author of five fabulous novels including one of my all time favourites, The Fragments. We chat about her writing, which is lovely, and her cocktail game, which is strong!

Dan Kaufman

Joining me this episode for an online is journalist and author Dan Kaufman!

Dan is a former newspaper journo and editor – who still occasionally writes columns for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. He launched, ran and wrote the very popular Bar Zine before starting his own media training, writing and editing consultancy business. 

This year he has released his first novel, Drowning In The Shallows, a social satire poking fun at love, sex and masculinity set in the Sydney bar and nightlife scene.

Adele Walsh

This episode I am joined by blogger, podcaster and youth literature advocate Adele Walsh!

Adele began blogging as Persnickety Snark focussing on championing youth literature and its intended teen audience. She has been Program Coordinator for the State Library of Victoria’s Centre for Youth Literature, founding co-host of the literary podcast, Unladylike and co-host of the podcast What Would Danbury Do? About the Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn.
Adele is currently Senior Coordinator, Community Outreach & Engagement at La Trobe University.

Justin Hoenke

Joining me virtually for this episode all the way from New Zealand is librarian Justin Hoenke! 

We talk about moving to New Zealand, lockdown and creating a tween/teen space at Chatanooga Public Library, working at a hub in Wellington as well as Justin’s favourite reads and just what he would pair with them for that wonderful reading experience.

Jodi McAlister

Joining me virtually for this episode is academic and Young Adult romance author Jodi McAlister!

Jodi is the author of the Valentine series, a young adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy series about smart girls, small towns, and scary fairies. There are three books in the series so far: Valentine, Ironheart, and Misrule , all published by Penguin Teen Australia.

Samantha Marshall

Joining me for an online chat is the lovely speculative fiction author Samantha Marshall!

Samantha has written 3 books across two series, Aislinn’s Shadow and Tobias’ Spark in The Kin Chronicles and Sorcery and Stardust is the first in The Weaver’s War series.

Maria Lewis

Joining me for an online chat is the wonderful author, journalist and screenwriter Maria Lewis. We discuss her wonderful books, what her characters would drink, two of her favourite recent reads and just what elixirs she’d pair with them for the perfect reading experience!

About Literary Elixirs

Matching books to food and drink! 

Justine is a librarian who loves good food and drink and can’t stop talking about what book she’s read which would pair perfectly with that delicious cheese, wine, coffee, beer, chocolate … you get the idea!

She is on a mission to chat with purveyors of delicious elixirs and suggest some literature which would be a perfect match because books go with pretty much anything!


Justine Hanna